Saturday May 6th, 2017 ~ Jordan Lake ~ Farrington Point Wildlife Ramp

Well, the weatherman kinda missed it for the morning checkin and blastoff, but the day ended nicely! 20 teams
fought the early cold wind and rain and around 10am it got better even though the wind still blew steady at about
10 mph. Jordan had been drawn down to about 220, so it was a little high but good for fishing this time of year.
Surface temps ranged from 68 to 73 and air temps topped out at about 69. A right nice day all in all.

Cody Shuffler (on left) & Chuck Ward took top honors with 5 bass weighing 17.86 lbs. The also won the
Tournament Within A Tournament (TWT) and caught the big bass for the day (6.43 lbs.) for a winning total of
$1,210 !!

Second Place went to Josh Hooks and T.J. Smith. They caught 5 bass weighing 16.23 lbs. and got $430 for their
work! Jesse Wise, fishing alone, took 3rd place with 15.38 lbs. and took home $275 in cash. 4th Place was won
by Manny Lenau, also fishing alone, with 5 at 14.72 lbs. and he won $175.

52 fish were weighed in for a total of 156 pounds for an average of 3.00 lbs. each. Most of the fish were caught
flipping worm rigs or Creature Bait Jig Combos or casting chatterbaits and swimbaits in anywhere from 2 to 10
feet of water in cove pockets around cover. It was tough fishing due to the weather situation, dropping water
and plenty of regular food for the bass due to the shad spawn. Some bass are still on the bed, so it's still tough
fishing right now.

I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. Our next tournament
is Saturday May 13th,  the Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass Trail Qualifier #5,  at Falls Lake
out of Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. Following that will be the Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass
Trail Qualifier #6, Saturday May 20th also at Falls Lake. All the info can be found at this link:
Information on all of our tournaments can be found

Now here are the full results:

1st Place: ......Cody Shuffer & Chuck Ward of Apex & Raleigh..5 bass...17.86 lbs...$720
2nd Place: ......Josh Hooks & T.J. Smith of Apex & Fayetteville..5 bass...16.23 lbs...$430
3rd Place: ......Jesse Wise of Ervin...5 bass...15.38 lbs...$275
4th Place: ......Manny Lenau of Vass...5 bass...14.72 lbs...$175

5th Place: James Noteboom & Alvah Abbott...5 bass..14.66 lbs.
6th Place: Michael King & Tommy Young...5 bass...14.25 lbs.
7th Place: Keith Deal & Ricky Kenworthy...5 bass...13.35 lbs.
8th Place: Terry Collins & Jeff Poindexter...5 bass...12.06 lbs.
9th Place: Jonathan Stewart & Wendell Gaddy...3 bass...9.86 lbs.
10th Place: Chris Mencill & George Stone...3 bass...9.10 lbs.
11th Place: John Anton & Britt Kuchen...4 bass...6.95 lbs.
12th Place: Dan Glosson & Scottie Morris...3 bass...5.67 lbs.
13th Place: Maximus Berge & Patrick Chisler...2 bass...4.32 lbs.
14th Place: Dan & Ryan Gee...1 bass...1.78 lbs.
15th Place: Kim & Scott Colegrove...0
16th Place: Zachary & Grady Chambers...0
17th Place: Will Griggs...0
18th Place: Chase Owens & Dalton Boswell...0
19th Place:Brian Thomas & Vincent Fox...0
20th Place: Tobey Lawson & Charles Stewart...0

1st Place Big Fish..1st Place Team above...6.43 lbs...$190

1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above...17.86 lbs...$300
Other Great Pics!!!
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