Piedmont Bass Classics
OctoberFish !!
Piedmont Bass Classics
OctoberFish !!
One Month Of Beautiful Fall Fishing
On The Best Lakes In The Triangle Of
North Carolina!!
Falls & Jordan Lakes!!
5 Fun Tournaments!!
Oct. 3 at Jordan.......Oct. 10 at Falls.......Oct. 17 at Falls
Oct. 24 at Jordan.......Oct. 31 at Falls
Fish any event or all with anyone you want to fish with or by yourself.
2 anglers per boat limit.
Entry fee is $110 per boat with $10 of that going into a 'final prize fund'.
80% payback after that 1 place for every 5 boats. Optional Big Fish Pot is $20 per boat
paying 100% back 3~Places 50/30/20 Split. Optional Tournament Within a Tournament
(TWT) Is $50 per boat paying 100% back~3 Places 50/30/20 Split.
Money collected for the 'final prize fund' will be divided in 6 parts and awarded after the
last tournament by mail as following:
1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Sack Weighed In During The Month. 50/30/20 Split.
1st, 2nd & 3rd Biggest Fish Weighed In During The Month. 50/30/20 Split.
Enter Today For The Best Starting Spots!!!
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