This is a good read concerning keeping fish alive in your boats livewell. This was sent to me
by a very good fisherman that fishes our trails and and uses these techniques to help keep
his fish alive for weighin.
This does not apply to Falls Lake only and should be used anytime you bass fish anywhere
in hot weather conditions.
Tournament directors can only do so much to help weighed in fish if the anglers do not take
care of their fish properly during tournament hours. Most big tournament trails do a very
good job of promoting this and also proper care at weighin.
Try these recommendations and hopefully you will see better results. A dead fish at weighin
can cost you a lot of money in most tournaments as many of you know.
I have added a few other suggestions below that might also help.

1. Let anglers weighin anytime they want to either in partial or full.
2. When weighing the fish, don't empty the weighin bags. Take them out of the bag and
weigh them and return the to the bag. Keep the fish in the same water as they have been in
to reduce shock when returning them to the lake.
3. Don't  bring the fish to the weigh station or take the fish back to the lake in a bag with no
water! That's a common sense 'no no'.
4. When returning the fish to the lake, make sure they swim off. If they are too weak to do
this or float sideways or upside down, fizz them or work with them until they get stronger
and if not, take them home and give them to someone that wants a fish dinner!
5. Learn how to fizz a bass and don't wait until it's too late. Do it as soon as you see signs
the fish needs fizzing. Learn how to fizz at this link:

I hope this will help all of you keep your fish in good shape during a tournament.
Tight Lines!
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