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Phil McCarson...Tournament Director---922 Valetta Rd.---Durham, NC   27712
Home: 919-471-1571     Cell: 919-971-5042
philsflags@msn.com            website: http://piedmontbassclassics.com/
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Tournament Trailer Advertising Sign Spots Still Available For Purchase!~~Trailer's Looking good!

If you are interested in taking 1 or 2 signs to go on our tournament trailer???   Read on..............
You do not have to be a 'Tournament Sponsor', as such, to get your ad on the trailer. Any business can buy an ad as long as
they are legal and and not a competing tournament trail.
Here's the deal:   You can get 21" by 11" ads like this for $100 each.

This is a one time deal for 3 years, unless you go out of business or decide to remove it. This price includes the cost of the
sticker which will have a border, logo & name and location of the business....in color.
If you already have a vinyl business sign that can be stuck to the trailer, and it's the same size or smaller....Your cost would
then be $50 each. The trailer will be used at all of our tournaments in the coming years. It's like a rolling billboard !!
If you are interested in advertising on this beautiful trailer.....give me a call.
Get your Company Ad on this great
looking trailer today! Give me a call for
Our entry fees are reasonable and our paybacks are great! All of our tournaments are 'Open Events' except for championships
(which you do have to qualify for) and the Invitationals, which are invite only. Sooo, you don't have to pay a membership if you
just want to fish one event like some trails require. By the way...we give polygraphs on a fairly regular unannounced basis.
Does the trail you fish do that? Keep your hard earned money in North Carolina! Support North Carolina based Tournament
Trails and Sponsors that care about YOU!
We just ended our Spring 2020 season and it was great again! We will still guarantee the 2021 Spring Trail
Championship 1st prize of $10,000 in cash & prizes! We are keeping our entry fees reasonable and our lakes local so
as not to cause a hardship on our anglers. We're not trying to get bigger, just better! Our participation makes it clear
which trail most anglers in this area like to fish!!! Compare other trail participation to ours!!! You will be surprised!!!
If you are not getting my emails, please email me asap so I can get your correct email address.
email me at:   
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For Hints On How To Keep
Your Fish Alive In Hot
Weather Conditions!!
Please do not block parking lot at any time & follow our staffs instructions as to parking.
Please, Please try and have your boats in the water and ready to go no later than 15 minutes before
blastoff time !!! If you do not, you will have to wait until the last flight is sent off before you can go.
Your weighin time will then be the same as the last flights.
I know ya'll can get there on time! You just have to leave home earlier. Please follow our instructions
when you get to the parking lot. Have your entry blank filled out and ready along with correct
change in payment. This will save a tremendous amount of time and keep things running smoothly
that morning!
It's not fair to make others sitting in the water for blastoff wait because you are late. Please get there
as early as you can and check in. I'll be there at the stated time to check your team in!!! Please put
your boat in the water as soon as you arrive and then send one member of the team to check the
team in while the other stays in the boat.
If I can get there on time....I know You Can !!    Nuff said!!!
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Distancing Rules for
Upcoming 2021 Tournament
Rock Outdoors
$5,000 Spring Trail     Q#1 February 27th
Jordan Lake        
Click Here For Info
Rock Outdoors Bonus Prize !!!
$1,000 Rock Outdoors Gift Card to the 1st place winner fishing
out of a new boat purchased from Rock Outdoors in the last 36
months. Angler must have on Rock Outdoors Apparel
at weigh in and accepting the winnings.
Weigh bags and Keep'em Alive available at the ramp. $10 each.