2018 Tobacco Bass Invitational Tournament Results !!!
29th Annual ~ Kerr Lake ~ Apr. 21st ~ Flemingtown Ramp

Tournament is open to anyone that is affilliated with the tobacco industry such as
active employees, growers, workers for companies that provide goods & services
to the industry and company retirees.
If you have not fished this tournament before and think you might
be eligible to fish it in 2019, call
Kevin Kunst at 336-951-2580 or Phil McCarson 919-471-1571
to see if you qualify.
April 21st, 2018~~KERR LAKE

Results for the 17 Teams:
Even though the morning blastoff was a little cool (34 degrees) for April, the weather was great and the
Kerr bite was typical. Most every team caught fish but only 57 bass made it to the scales for a total weight
of 132 pounds for an average of 2.32 lbs. each! Big fish for the day was 4.01 lbs and all the fish looked
good and healthy.!  Most all fish were caught on spinnerbaits, jerk baits, plastic worms and crankbaits.  
Water temps averaged 61 degrees.
Elton & Rick Clements took top honors this year with 5 bass weighing 13.78 lbs. plus they won the
Tournament Within A Tournament award for a total of $832 in winnings. 2nd Place went to the team of
Richard Cates & Craig Rycroft with 5 weighing 13.24 lbs. & $367 in prize money. 3rd Place was won by the
team of Gary Chambers & Dale Ellis with 5 weighing 12.16 lbs. to pocket $245 in cash! Big fish award went
to Wayne Jones & Donnie Lowe (4.01 lbs.) worth $170!    Once again, I had a great time as your director and
thank for having me!         Thanks again! Phil McCarson~Tournament Director

Here are the results:

1st Place
Rick Clements (American) & Elton Clements
5 fish...13.78 lbs...$612

2nd Place
Richard Cates (RJR) & Craig Rycroft (RJR)
5 fish...13.24 lbs...$367

3rd Place
Gary Chambers (Liggett) & Dale Ellis
5 fish...12.16 lbs...$245

Big Bass Award.......Wayne Jones (Reynolds) & Donnie Lowe
4.01 lbs...$170 (Their total weight 3@7.09 lbs.)

Other Notables:

Frankie Wright (Lorillard) & Jim Nichols 11.95     Raymond Maslyn (Lorillard) & Carl Ward (American) 10.92
Roy Marion (Liggett) & Randy Goss (Liggett) 10.62     Shae Ashley (RJR) & Charles Ray (RJR) 10.49     
Charles Whitt Sr. (Lorillard) & Charles Jr. 7.89     Scott Stone (ITG) & Allen Stone 7.43
Nick Allen (Amcor) & Kenny Thorn (Amcor) 7.27 lbs.     Jody Cook (Liggett) & Jerry Brown 7.09 lbs.  
Kevin Kunst (ITG) 5.02     Eddie Page (ITG) & Richard Buchanan 4.57
Kevin Tedder (Amcor) & Ricky Cobb (Amcor) 2.21
James Ferrell (ITG) & Alex Bailey (ITG) 0     Max Stevens 0  

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