Piedmont Bass Classics
Social Distancing Rules for the day.
Here is what we are going to do for the Tournament....

When You Enter The Ramp Area On The Right Side:

a. Please have you stuff already in your boat and ready to launch.
Go directly to the check-in trailer for your live well check.

b. Launch your boat immediately. One stay with the boat the other park & pay.
Please have your entry form filled out and ready with the payment.
No more than 25 people in the payment line at one time...6 feet apart.

c. Return to your boat and go to designated pre-launch area on the lake.

d. If you don't have your stuff ready or are waiting for a partner, park the boat
on the exiting right side of the ramp and wait. Don't tie up the ramp.

Blast-Off and Weigh-in going to be different.
I am going to stagger the blast-off and weigh-in times by a little more
time (20 Minutes) so as to adhere to the State of NC's person limits on events.

When you finish fishing and return to the ramp at your designated time, load
your boat immediately, park the boat, one team member weigh and
release your fish. Once you have weighed in, go home.

I'll have the results posted asap and any winnings will be paid later.

We need to follow these r​ules so as to try and conform to the State,
Feds & CDC recommendations. I know this is not normal and will not
be as much fun as the usual BS time we have at check-ins but we've got
to do what is right at this time and if it works like it should we should
be able to continue with our tournament schedule hopefully.

I am asking all anglers fishing to adhere to the same
suggestions listed by the NC Governor, with guidance from the CDC,
to lessen the chances of transmitting the virus. They are listed
1. If you have any flu symptoms whatsoever... PLEASE STAY HOME!!!
2. All persons should follow the CDC guidelines on everyday prevention of viral
3. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance from any other angler during registration and
weigh in with no more than 25 anglers in a group.
4. Follow all directions from your tournament director. Be patient with other anglers and the
tournament director.
5. Wash your hands or use sanitizer frequently! Don’t shake hands.
6. Anglers should wear gloves while handling any object that is not
your own or has been in the possession of others.
7. If you have to sneeze or cough due to pollen and other allergies, cover your
8. At the weigh-in please stay a good distance from the scales area and scoring area.
We will keep everyone updated during the weigh-in.

PBC is continuing to monitor all situation closely through the CDC website and local
and state sources and will issue additional guidance if the need becomes necessary.
Again, fishing is the best way to get away from the crowds and PBC will operate
events in the best way to limit gathering of anglers in one location. We ask each our
members to be safe and recognize the importance of distancing  during this time.  
Future tournaments will be updated after this event. It might take a little
more time to weigh fish but we don't want any large group
at the ramp that afternoon...…..Please ask spectators to stay at home.

Thanks so much for your understanding and I'll see you all Sat.    Phil

If you have any more suggestions to help make this a great tournament let me know!

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